Fundamental change is coming
to law firm pricing.

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It's time to put your
data to work.

Valuable efficiencies are waiting to be unearthed in your firm’s existing billing data. Our alternative fee arrangement pricing system puts this data to work for you to unlock your firm's true potential.

How, you ask?

Using an automated monthly recurring process to:

1. Identify outlier data
2. Collect feedback from staff
3. Create tangible action items
4. Present learnings in easy-to-digest reports
5. Repeat

Let AltFee™ do the heavy lifting.

There is a better way to price, and we're making it simple.

AltFee™ solves a whole slew of legal services pain points for the three main stakeholders: lawyers + staff, clients and law firms; using the AltFee pricing system, law firms will improve client relationships, enhance firm systems, elevate the employee experience and increase profitability.

Improved Client

Align your priorities and better communicate with your clients in order to improve client relations.

Firm Systems

Using a monthly recurring process, ensure your law firm’s systems are continuously being enhanced.

Lawyers + Staff

Elevate your employees experience through empowerment, raising their confidence and a shift away from the billable hour grind.


Turn your law practice into a legal business by pricing your services based on more than time.

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